Craig Stuntz

Columbus, OH

My interests are math, compilers, provers, fuzzers, security, formal methods, quantum computing, and homomorphic encryption


Improving / Director of Consulting Jan 2014 - Current
At Improving, I both consult for our clients and I take direct reports (typically 2-4 people, though it has been as high as 8). I am on the leadership team in the Ohio office and also do sales engineering.
for WillowTree (formerly Dynamit)
  • Wrote Terraform, TypeScript AWS Lambda functions, and C# (Optimizely CMS) code
  • Implemented a custom Kafka Connect Sink to replicate data from Kafka to Hosted this on AWS EKS with Helm
  • Wrote Azure Functions in TypeScript to import data from Salesforce to SQL Server Azure
  • Did a complete rewrite of a major utility’s web site/middle tier after two other organizations had tried and failed
  • Azure and AWS infrastructure with Terraform and Ansible
  • Did .NET optimization, and a lot of Java back end development in Spring Boot and vert.x
  • Wrote a Salesforce to Tableau data synchronizer
  • Wrote an Android application and Java server for Village, an employee and customer engagement application
Ansible, C#, Java, JavaScript, Kafka, Kubernetes, MySQL, Scala, SQL Server, Terraform, TypeScript vert.x
for Grange Insurance
  • Wrote F# code which used machine learning and strong types to generate code and unit tests from GBs of XML, producing 80,000 lines of C# code without a single reported production bug
  • Wrote a dashboard for actuaries which combined data from about a dozen different systems, including mainframes and web applications
C#, F#, SQL Server
Spruce Media / Software Engineer Feb 2012 - Dec 2013
  • Analyzed, designed, implemented, tested, and deployed features for Spruce Media’s web-based Facebook ad buying platform
  • Supported new team members in other states
C#, JavaScript, Ruby, SQL Server
Vertex Systems / Application Architect Jan 1999 - Feb 2012
  • Transitioned the company and development team from Win32 legacy applications to modern web products using contemporary technology
  • Wrote a DIBOL-to-DIBOL compiler in Delphi which generated code for Y2K dates, meeting an “impossible” deadline and saving the company
C#, Delphi, InterBase, JavaScript, SQL Server
Wayne State University Department of Physics and Astronomy / Programmer 1994-1995
  • Wrote computer software for statistical analysis and simulation of results from high-energy nuclear physics experiments at BNL’s AGS accelerator
  • Translated scientific papers on nuclear physics into executable code


Please see my list of current presentations ( for full details, slide decks, and video, but here is a selected and highly condensed list of talks I do:

Selected Projects


The world’s sketchiest SMT solver. A work in progress!


A fuzzer for .NET applications written in F#. Does in-memory instrumentation of unmodified binaries.


An educational compiler, demonstrating lexing, parsing, AST generation, type checking, optimization, and code generation, written in F#.


F#, purely functional port of Bob Nystrom’s Bantam Pratt Parser example.


[Source code on request]

Working my way through the Cryptopals challenges, writing source in F#.